And since she is a sane person a decade older than i
Why would she make up stories or why would she lie?
About such a matter some people do spy
The strangest of things with their subconcious eye
And she is so spiritual to me it does seem
That she is not relating what could have been a dream.
She saw tiny men and women in the moonlight
Dance on the blackwood tree in the calm of the night
And to her ears in the faint evening breeze
Came the sweetest and strangest of strange melodies.
She asked me to keep her name as anomyous since some can be cruel
And she does not wish to become a victim of ridicule
And since she is one who could never deceive
Her beautiful story i can only believe.
To a very strange and beautiful melody
She see tiny people on the blackwood tree
Dancing in the moonlight how lucky is she
What some only dream of she actually see.

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