The afternoon is hot no puff of breeze
And it must be close to thirty five degrees.
The Canungra hills dark from a recent blaze
It hasn’t rained for over ninety days
The trees on goat track hill as black as coal
From bushfire that had burnt out of control.
The Queensland mountain people are sun wise
They wear hats and sunglasses to protect their head and eyes
Skin cancer caused by ultra violet ray
Ignore the sun the price too high to pay.
I spoke to one who had lived since childhood here
A gray haired man well past his sixtieth year
His only wish i hope, i hope ’twill rain
But forecast for tomorrow hot again.
I’ve lived in Canungra since i’ve been young boy
And in all those years i’ve not seen it so dry
These hills right now with lots of rain could do
A week of heavy rain or even two.
I had come at the wrong time or so ‘twould seem
To Canungra at foot of Mt Tamborine
And Queensland mountain people hope for rain
But forecast for tomorrow ‘hot again’.

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