One hour’s drinking became two hours and two hours drinking became three
And twenty pots and four hours later they were drunk as drunk can be.
It so happens I was not with them only going by what I hear
That Helen looked a little scattered she had overdosed on beer
And the three seasoned drinkers Ernie, Dean and Darren were well over.05
If you go by the Lawmakers they were quite unfit to drive.
Chris had more than one too many when she’s happy she laughs a lot
And the shout went round many times ‘buy the girls another pot’
And young Brett with an upset stomach vomited a frothy brew
He blamed greasy chips he’d eaten, beer or chips which of the two? .
Don’t talk to me of drinking sessions I’ve been there and I’ve done that
And I’ve spent hours of guzzling Carlton when I lived in Ballarat
Often spent up to ten hours of drinking in the Buninyong Crown Hotel
And all next day the splitting headaches I remember all too well
The six I have already mentioned in the pub spent the afternoon
And they seemed to enjoy their session they will have another soon
And even the three most seasoned drinkers were well over.05
And in the book of the Lawmakers they would be too drunk to drive.

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