And accused of doing things…
I had not done at all?
And all I had wanted,
Was to share gifts I had been given?
With a wish to offer…
Because I’m not the selfish kind!
My motivations have changed.
Some folks have a way to show,
How these unselfish acts,
Can eventually make one feel…
They are the ones out of their minds,
And something snaps!
Reality does that.
And after giving to others…
Only to get a reception that attacks?
Proves this fact…
Lessons can be learned!
Feelings hurt can be mended.
Backs can be turned.
And away from that kind of crap…
One can walk!
And not a word has to be exchanged.
At this point…
Nothing said,
Will be understood!
Unless one ‘is’ as believed…
In it for the attention?
And there is nothing about me…
In need to receive it like that.
Am I crazy enough
To want to be treated with that kind of insanity!
Clearly devoid of hospitality.
Not me.
There are too many other things to do!
And too much time,
Already wasted.
‘That reminds me of that postman that was shot,
Because he delivered someone’s welfare check…
After the bank was closed! ‘
You can stand there and reminisce.
I’m not taking the time for none of it!
Some folks don’t ‘get it’.
And I now can care less…
About who gets what late,
Or not at all!

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