One More Chance

One day in a year
I met you and
Then started my
Never ending woes.

I never chose you.
You were imposed on me
By those who should’ve
Protected me from dangers.

Regrets after regrets
made my days.
You had an innocent twin
Yet I was left with you.

And one day you were accused
Of a terrible crime and I
Confronted like I should.

Bruises, blows and blood
Followed as expected

Now my guardians felt an urge
To protect me from you
And did try to their core.

I was unharmed and in bliss
Until all the accusations
against you proved wrong.

After all your twin wasn’t
As good as was thought.

Yet I wouldn’t take a chance
And be with you.
So I bid you my good bye
Happier than ever.

I cheerfully strode to the door
To begin anew.

That’s when you stopped me
And begged for another chance.

How could I refuse when you
Held me in your arms so sweetly?

Now, I give you this,
One More Chance.
Use it wisely, please
For I have no strength left
To endure any more blows.

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