who gives a damn?
educated hobos, West Point Nero’s,
girl cant keep on her clothes,
kingdoms in the sand…
sexual confusion, holy transfusions,
nuclear fusion…
time is running out!
on the edge of class wars,
subjugated workforce,
pimp kings and crack whores,
consumed by fear and doubt.
thoughts seered by fire, drunk on desire,
fake prophets, well paid liars,
nothing’s what it seems…
puppeteers well hid, never know what they did,
empty jars with gold lids,
something’s burning in your dreams…
right wing dictators, death comes soon or later,
packs of rabid haters,
selling souls for oil and power.
Wall Street leeches, cancer on the beaches,
history never teaches
neither the day nor the hour!
(we’re standing on the edge of the light.
lost in the deep darkness of the night.
armed by anger, with no one left to fight…
when right becomes wrong,
and wrong becomes right…

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