He has given of his time to poorer people and only asked what they could afford to pay
And he is saving for himself the best of karma and good karma will be his reward one day.
A well known poet and distinguished writer of limericks he has poems by the hundred to his name
And he is young yet only in his forties and he is on the road to literary fame
Yet he is a very down to earth fellow and of him with certainty it can be said
That he will always remain as he now is and that fame will never once go to his head.
Paul Congues is such a wise and clever fellow and well informed in his point of view
And to the principle of a fair go for everybody he is one who remains steadfastly true
He knows what’s happening in the World around him and his views he will verbally defend
He can argue his point without getting angry and after shake hands and remain your friend.
Paul Congues a nice person from Wonthaggi a fine poet and a good person overall
He is not a seven foot giant and broad shouldered but in his big heart there is nothing small
He is well liked by everyone who knows him and he would only help you if he could
And if what people say is true of karma then karma to him will be very good.

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