Some sing and dance and earn some money,
Some agitate the public, some create agony.
Such people are some those start the work,
They stop the work on half way thinking it murk.
They repent that it is inefficacious the effort,
And so they don’t want to receive the support.
People who do in wrong way have compunction,
They realize themselves and come to perfection.
Compunction makes a man perfect in nature,
He or she doesn’t miss, serve perfectly the nurture.
A judge punishes the guiltier as per the law,
They come to punish for guilty and raw.
The person who haven’t come to compunction,
They can’t lead perfection in life and assumption.
So person must think deeply before to do,
With patience he or she has to work without boo.
Meditation to God brings happiness and peace,
Bliss, co-operation we must gain without miss.

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