Please Do Understand

Every day and night
I know not peace.

I find myself thinking of
You and you alone all day.

I waste away each day
And my head spins every moment.

To think how unreachable
You are to me
Pains my heart.

You seem to me like a
Beautiful but a distant dream

Know this, my love
I’m painfully in love
With you.

For love is said to be
As strong as death itself.

It feels like I’ll
Never reach you.

Like I’ll never be
Able to hold you
And have you for myself.

Pain grips my heart
When I think you’ll
Never grow to love me.

Or even know of
My wretched existence.

But all I wish for is
To behold you
Some day in my life.

I never hoped or dare to
For more than my worth.

But please, Mon amour, understand
How much I love you.

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