What could I do with a paralyzed mind?
Nothing left in life, but not yet blind,
I can see, I can feel, and I can think
I have beautiful words that I can ink
Words are the mirror of my thoughts
Come so suddenly in the mental droughts
I need an inspiration only beauty I need
For beauty my never ending greed!
Without any refrain and any hesitation
Walking in the mud for an inspiration
See a red velvet mite the crawling ruby
The vagabond beauty like a naughty baby
For whom you are here for a rainy date?
I came at the right moment I am not late
It’s a beautiful time now enjoy my flirt
My muddy boots and all my dirt
Not for you my shocking red jewel
For my needy heart I need your dwell
For your oil I shall not kill you dear
Be patient and get rid of the fear
My paralysis is at all not physical
Your beauty is enough as it’s mental,
Inspire me my heavenly sweetheart
Could I paint you but I lack this art!

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