And strive for to alleviate the pain of poverty the poverty afflicting the poor
I disagree with those who say that poverty is like an incurable disease since for poverty there is a cure.
Get rid of Monarchies and the snobbery that goes with them privilege by right of birth does seem wrong
You poet there’s a place for you in this only laud the unsung in your song
And with your pen try to drag down those tall poppies who seek to conquer and divide
The poor need you more than the rich do they need one like you on their side.
Get rid of those big bureaucracies that only serve the wealthy and privileged few
And promote the spirit of egalitarianism and give everybody their due
If in death all people are equal why not they be equal in life
All I see are greed and corruption in a World where rank and class distinction are rife.
Get rid of all war-men and terrorists because of them far too many have died
Our dream of an Earthly Utopia by these sort of people destroyed
We all were born naked and helpless and before we walked we learned how to crawl
And promote the things that unite us the right to a fair go for all.

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