a race that hits you on the nose
you either have it or you’re done.
Says Emil ‘ Do yoo ssink ve are
today too slow, mine friend or vot? ‘
Sebastian, running on hot tar
says ‘Emil, I am very hot! ‘
But no one knew that Zatopek
had up his sleeve a dirty trick
they were, that moment, neck-on-neck
when Emil gave himself a kick.
Accelerating like a rabbit
and never looking back at all
had been a clever Emil habit,
he’d watch opponents trip and fall.
So, Coe now thought that Emil could
outrun the fastest of gazelles
became depressed as many would
crossed off his list the Finish bells.
Thus Zatopek won many races
in Finland and the other regions
he beat the best, and all the aces.
Swore to himself total allegiance.
I was the one so fortunate
to share a few of Praha’s best.
The local Pilsner, that was it
and, for a moment, we were blessed.

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