But novels interested me not
As I could not them patiently,
Giving so many hours of busy life.
But when came you from the U.N.O. headquarters,
You opting for Sunanda Pushkar after a stormy affair,
I thought the things settled quite amicably
But again came you in the news
With the Tweeter messaging.
Is to marry and divorce the work of the great,
I mean of those in the media glare or limelight,
If had not to keep, why did you marry again,
Is to marry and break the work of the novelists
More or less like Salman Rushdie, V.S.Naipaul?
Is to play with weak feminine emotions and sentiments,
The life-style of the modern urban man,
It to love and like and divorce
The methodology of the modern thinking mind,
Loving and dumping?
After marrying Tillotma Mukherji, you divorced her
To move to Christa Giles
Then to Sunanda Pushkar
And again got you embroiled in loveful tweets
Forming a triangle with Sunanda, Mehar Tarar and you yourself.
And Sunanda who had a rendezvous life as an entrepreneur
After shocks and earlier divorce in life,
Made her bold and daring to face life,
The odds of it,
Trying to eke out a way of life and settlement for herself.
Just for the tweets of the Pakistani journalist, Mehar Tarar,
For which not only she had been responsible,
But Tharoor himself too,
Accepting or refusing to accept it
And the unwanted and the untoward happen it otherwise.
Is to pick for romance, flirt with and leave,
Love and like and divorce,
The trend of modern life and culture,
Why do they not try to understand the stresses
Or re-settlement after the ruffle?
It was not a fault of Mehar Tarar, but of Shashi’s too,
Whatever says he,
I do not know what the workings of the writerly mind
As the writer say one thing and do they one thing
In their life, even Hardy marrying a very young girl in his old age.

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