She was found in a field of richly yield,
She remained in love with her soil and field.
She was brought up by a king with a great empire,
Never lacked anything, no need was dire.
A princess was she and a palace her home,
Touching sun and moon, was golden, its dome,
Diamonds and pearls were toys for her,
Spoons were gold and plates were silver,
She was found in earth and she rules the earth,
She was pious and pure and a symbol of worth.
She was very shy and innocent and an ideal wife,
Like a shadow she followed her husband, all life,
For a period of fourteen very painful years,
Without an smile but full of tears,
She lived in the forest whereat kidnapped,
But remained untouched, and couldn’t be cracked.
While she was going to the forest on foot,
Bare footed, no slipper, no boot,
A woman on way asked about her companion,
Who was that handsome and her relation and union,
Moved eyelids, smiled but didn’t utter,
And she knew who he was and why with her.

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