Though words of mouth may rule at times
The silent mouth commands.
She tickled with her eager tongue,
And watched him writhe and burn
But time was running out now at the
point of no return.
She lightens up and takes her time
Delayed payoff is better
And makes the grand finale be
Wet and wet and wetter
She senses now the wall’s been breached
The flood is set to spring.
Her pleasure’s tied to his for now
As kites are tied with string.
She tightens lips and tenses tongue
To raise the pleasure dome
The dam has burst, his time has come
Delicious taste comes home.
She swallows hard and then again
And keeps him deep inside
For when your love is rated ten
You savor the big tide.
The mood is peaceful now, it is
She’s warmed and ready now
A nap is needed, yes it is
And then her turn comes round.
This is Rachel’s companion poem to ‘She Does’

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