And though perhaps she use some dark dye to cover her ageing gray
She does look young and healthy Indira from Bombay.
She came to Australia in the early sixties when she was in her prime
And she is one who has refused to bow to father time
Her husband left her for another though to him she was a good wife
But that setback she overcame and she got on with her life.
Her grand son and grand daughter in their early twenties and time’s clock keeps ticking on
But she does not feel nostalgic for the past or lament for what has gone
She plays bridge with her social friends and she works at her art
And she feels happy with her lot and she is young at heart.
Her lovely Indian accent is with her for to stay
And she is one of those nice people who makes a new friend every day
With dark hair to her shoulders and lovely eyes of brown
She still looks more beautiful than some half of her age that one sees in the Town.
She may be in her sixties but her beauty she retain
And the accent of the Aussie she never did attain
She is still very much an Indian one of beauty, charm and grace
And she always seems so happy with a big smile on her face.

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