The music stirred a memory and it took me far away
And i could see the sunlit meads and scent the new mown hay.
An old time tune from distant land in Northern Hemisphere
I heard again the pipits sing it brought the home fields near
I heard the airborne skylark sing a small speck in the sky
And lambs were bleating on the hill on morning in July.
I see again the old hometown and the high fields by the hill
And see jackdaw fly to chimney top with stick for nest in bill
Old friends seemed glad to welcome me a handshake and a smile
‘Oh’ it is good to see you back not seen you for awhile.
The fading memories came to life the past returned to me
The robin piped his happy notes on branch of hawthorn tree
And swallows o’er the meadow grass were winging to and fro
And through the music i could hear the shy cock pheasant crow.
She played upon her zither a song i used to know
A song that i often heard sung some thirty years ago
When i was young and stronger and nearing my prime day
In my old home place by distant hills a half a world away.

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