A beautiful Swiss woman in her early twenties down to earth and free of conceit
She came and she left without fanfare and her i feel glad i did meet.
Marianne from Lucerne in Switzerland she loves the adventurous life
If she ever decides for to marry for someone she will make a good wife
She enjoyed her few days on the mountain with Nature to be on her own
When she returns to her home Country she will tell them of the adventurous life she has known.
Down under in distant Australia the home of the wombat and roo
And the home of the emu and possum and the white and the black cockatoo
The people she met on her travels the places she had been to and great sights she had seen
Her travels in the wide brown outback and the coastal lands that look as green
As the lush valleys of her home Country in Australia there’s so much to see
She has travelled from Perth down to Adelaide through the outback highway south to the sea
And when she returns to Lucerne her homecoming friends and family will celebrate
And stories of her travels in Australia to them she will surely relate.

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