Since he is only courting the Conservative right
I would not trust him with my life though he is cunning and bright.
On what it takes to be a good Aussie he likes to have his say
But I for one respect to his views does not pay
As his views do have racial undertones it does seem seem to me
Though with my opinion many would disagree.
Smirking Peter Costello he is so full of guile
He is one of those people who smirk when they smile
Johnny Howard’s job he craves and he secretly pursue
Yet he is a good Politician to give him his due.
On Howard’s retirement he patiently wait
But wee Johnny the top job may never vacate
Till at the polls he’s defeated or of old age he die
And that might be for two decades between you and I.
On the Government benches as they sit side by side
Their contempt for each other they struggle to hide
Sneaky wee John as P M is determined to stay
And Costello like a bad smell will just not go away.
And what of opposition leader Kim Beazley known as runner up Kim
There is very little to enthuse about him
Post next Election the next Australian Prime Minister perhaps one of these three
And of the job none of them worthy it does seem to me.
Smirking Peter Costello a man who craves power
But he may never know of his glorious hour
For Howard like a leech to the top job does cling
One must suppose the human lust for power is a natural thing.

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