And though some well may say you’ve said all you have to say
In life there is something to write of each day.
If we could live for five centuries our depth of knowledge may grow
But we still would not have learned a fraction of what there is to know
On life and on Nature and the human World we live in
Where one has to lose for another to win.
Before the baby did walk the baby learned how to crawl
And that we never stop learning applies to us all
And though I do fear the reaper of that I won’t lie
‘Tis natural to age and ’tis natural to die.
And though one is anonymous and one has wealth and fame
The pauper and the billionaire the reaper treats as the same
Money cannot buy life from him of death none he does spare
He will claim the life of the pauper and of the billionaire.
And though of true inspiration I may seem bereft
So much to write of though so little time left
Since the clock on my life it is ticking away
And my lot will surely be your lot one day.

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