So, money has become everything in the world life today
And the value of everything is judged only by money value!
There is no chance of doing anything according to desire;
All desires, wishes and wants are looked through the lens
Of money and then only, all efforts are taken to materialize
In the short or long duration of performance of anything..!
Likewise, whole life activities are planned, programmed and
Executed losing taste in everything, though money is accrued
Beyond one’s dream or desire till the feeling of dissatisfaction
Drives one to seek for fulfilment in something of heart’s desire!
Mechanical life of fast material world of modern time has turned
Man only into a beast or machine or a machine-beast-man in
The long run making him long for natural life to live in harmony
With Nature he has developed all to destroy with no time left..!
Developments made on the basis of intelligence sans imagination
Make man a fool as wisdom is indispensable to decide before all
The projects taken for execution to achieve ends desirable as
Per the wish, wants and natural needs of humans in the world…!

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