Many varieties are in verge of extinction,
But we are trying to retrieve,
Without rice we cannot live
As this is the best food of mainstream,
This ode is given to scented rice,
Aromatic falvour motivates mind.
There are different varieties,
Aromatic rice gives us hope
Let us chant different names one by one,
Karpurkanti comes in first choice,
Barangamoti blooms in flavour,
Basnasapuri is loved by people,
Basnaparijit is cooked in love,
Dubraj also gives nice aroma,
Sorisaphula Rice motivates mind,
Basmati is falvour of India
Radhuni pagol can immensely motivate,
Govinda bhog is offered to Lord,
Cak Hao Amubi is liked by many,
Mushk bhdji has greater texture,
Seerafa Samba smiles for miles,
Ambemohar adores Godly wisdom,
Texmati teaches us values a lot,
Tulaipanji can predict future dish,
Tulsimala is ever liked for worship,
Jeerakasala fetches more love,
Chanting each name we chant God’s name!
New days are coming and change is seen,
But no one can forget aromatic rice,
Once a man takes this rice
He loves it to take everyday,
But costly rice tastes costly alike,
Short grain rice is loved by all,
Fragrance of cocked rice travels more,
All the names are beyond Basmit Rice,
And other varieties give precious scent,
God has gifted these grains of rice
To us to convey his wonder,
We love to cook in our kitchen,
Amazing aroma meets God and make us meet,
All festivals are enriched by scented rice!
© Kumarmani Mahakul,29 October 2020. All rights reserved.

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