For, we are all evolved from Nature as the child born from the mother
And is why, both for sorrow and joy, Nature is the best companion to share with!
Nature is the reliable friend, philosopher and guide, when all wash their hands
And leave one in despair horrible and dark in life as one left alone in forest;
Loneliness in Nature finally enlightens one in higher state of Self to sublimity,
That gives spiritual strength to rise high from the den of darkness to brightness!
Nature opens another door and turns a new leaf of life with spirit and enthusiasm;
The new path lifts one high intellectually and spiritually towards liberation sure;
Nothing thereafter chains one to any hardship in life, but opens all gates far and
Wide for one to have easy entry so as to swim in rapture in divine bliss long!
Knowledge and love free one’s soul in joy, peace and satisfaction as never before
And all achievements in one’s efforts give fulfilment and high recognition finally!

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