Still Waiting

The night sky couldn’t be
More beautiful than this.

Innumerable stars glowed
Bright as jewels on a
Wide spread black cashmere.

It was calm and serene,
So it seemed out of my window.

There was a chill in the air.
And a sweet scent, did it carry.

Yes, the scent of magnolia, it was
That bloomed at this hour of night.

Wide awake, I stayed all night,
Waiting for you in my room.

Thinking you’ll be, at any moment
Here beside, holding me.

The night seemed flawless
And it was loveliest of all.

The only thing that
Left my night imperfect
Was your absence.

I waited for long
To listen to your voice.

My heart yearned
To hear your footsteps
Outside my door.

Here I am, still
Waiting for you
To come to me
And belong to me.

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