A sense works
For the feelings
I have in my heart
Questions after questions
Why, how and what
Do I run – –
Do I correctly what I supposed
To understand?
Or I picked up pebbles
Thinking them diamond
Or threw away something before
Without knowing their worth?
Or have I forgot anything
Meaningful to mention or to adopt
Is this the worthy way
The way of the greats
Or I am wrongly drawn to – – –
Immorally lured or hypnotized
And diverted from my long cherished path
Where there is a meaning of – –
A meaning of this walk
Or Do I do any wrong
Wrongly possessed with anything
Like pre-conceived prejudice, biasses and greed
Under the crooked spell of lies
False glittering of life
Is mind open enough and
Have sufficient space
To let New to enter and
Ready to receive the golden rays of light?

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