And other food materials at home,
Rays dissolving in sun form sunbeam
And this falls on Earth everyday,
To protect creation sunbeam loves,
All plants love to drink nectar,
Wisdom makes life great at each step.
Greatest charmer has sprinkled colours
In his drawing canvas in dual turn,
Everything is old and everything is new,
Common man gets confusion and forgets,
But nature obeys every universal law,
God is the greatest attractive personality,
We are ever attracted towards him,
His invitation we find through sunrise,
His greatest teaching we receive.
God’s wisdom is sweet and sublime syrup,
This protects during birth and death
And during life’s process and journey,
When there is sunrise there is sunset,
If a flower blooms then this wilts too,
Still sunbeam protects every creature
For long time from hazards and disease,
Wonderful creation is full of wonder!
© Kumarmani Mahakul,16 May 2019. All rights reserved.

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