here, you will first receive
what you think you want the most:
if it’s to enhance your self-image,
that will be arranged;
if you want to tell others
what it’s all about; even bully them;
there’s a place for you;
if you want to come along to prove
that you knew it all already,
fine.. come in; and later, go…
if you want to prove your life
to have been ruined by others and
it never was your fault –
that can be arranged;
or if you want to be just a little wiser;
or life to be a little easier;
you’ll love it here;
but this is the house to bless you with
two unsuspected further wishes:
when you have tasted
what you thought you wanted
you are of course, free to leave;
but if that which you thought you wanted
turns to ashes in your mouth,
you may wish – and whoosh! it’s gone;
and then there comes the third wish…:
so deep in you that only now
you knew it to have been always there;
here you will find yourself
to be yourself;
so stand here on the pavement; pause;
these are not wood, but golden doors.

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