Team Commonwealth, United We Stand

United we stand
Hand in hand
On concrete new found land.
In friendship we will be
Team commonwealth, let us take the lead!

Wave your flags in the sky,
Let it soar up high.
Let the sun’s rays paint it golden,
Let your best wishes be spoken.
Weaved by the gentle wind of the morning
Into these flags are the tomorrows we are hoping.
With her thread of diamonds of the summer showers
Fragrance of the open prairie’s flowers
The maiden of light weaves our flags together,
And heart by heart, we are stronger!

United we stand
Hand in Hand
On concrete new found land.
Even in storms, we still bravely sail
Team Commonwealth, let us blaze the trail!

Let your hair be caressed by the morning’s ray
Let your heart, in love, forever stay.
Let it be kindled with the fire of truth,
Let it always remain in its best days of youth.
Open up your heart, let the sunshine in.
Hand in hand, we will forever sing

United we stand
Hand in hand
On concrete new found land.
I’m glad I got to know a friend who appreciates me.
Because team Commonwealth, we are family!

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