This is dangerous to inhale,
Many realize this issue of cracking.
Vary harmful or dangerous gas,
It may cause death is lethal fume,
War between two or more countries,
It provokes thought due to danger.
Fume floats in sky due to bombing,
Many fear to inhale air and cry,
War is not a solution to problems,
It only gives burning sensation.
This world does not need war at all,
This does not need lethal fume,
We need peaceful justice and love,
War can never establish peace.
Anger is a vice and this raises war,
Lethal fume and lethal flame,
Both violate peaceful rule of nature,
Sleeping birds cry in agony,
Animals remain in fear due to pressure.
Fire sparked from root burns grass,
Straw becomes ash and sand turns brown,
We need peaceful light in right path,
Universal light of love let us spread.
© Kumarmani Mahakul,17, April 2018. All rights reserved.

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