We come in the world to repay our previous debts,
But I am in habit of increasing my loans and thefts,
Ignoring my hidden goodness you are searching my misdeeds,
Oh Angels! Your audit report lacks my poetry of good deeds.
Preparing my soul for a new body with a new heart,
For me a surgery painful for you a work of abstract art,
What a joy is love though it ends in a deadly pain,
For love I shall accept life again and again,
It was just a moment of pain but what on the other bank,
Is there any write or the white paper is totally blank?
Turning your face from me you weep and you cry,
Sweetheart turn your face, in your eyes there is a sky,
Bring your forehead close to me I want to encrypt,
I want to acknowledge your love on a stamped receipt.
This is a translation of the poem
آخری وقت
Akhtar Jawad

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