The people are programmed to believe…
Their fortunes are less than the rest.
And so they are assigned to become protected,
By those the government selects…
They should receive assistance,
IF they qualify!
Of course many are denied,
The taste of keeping them enslaved!
They become disrespectful,
Unmotivated, lazy and mentally depraved.
They become conditioned to pray.
And they stay away from truths.
Becoming accepting of lies,
They pursue to overcome insecurities…
And immaturity keeps them as children,
To be told everything they say and do!
And when opportunities come to them,
They remain unprepared.
And for generations many of them can not comprehend…
Their uselessness has been designed,
To remove them from identities.
With mediocrity as goals to achieve.
And minds ignorantly limited.
Distant from reality.
And kept successfully unaware!
In an annual recycling of needs that is permitted…
To keep them subserviant!
And ensuring they remain there!

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