The Babysitter

A young couple walked into the maid agency
‘I’m looking for the perfect au pair! ‘ He exclaimed
One that will keep my princess entertained,
Someone to paint a radiant smile everyday.

Oh, and she would play with her
Take her to explore the forests and the seas
Enjoy the ride on a patridge’s wing
And sing with faeries of the sunkissed casherina tree

When they are tired, they can lie on the fields
And laugh, and be blessed by the showers of bliss
They can gallop home together on beige ponies
Their giggles sprinkled in the meadows of daffodils

I want her to teach my child life skills
Like how to make friends and basic respect
How to tackle difficulties and perserverance
Not forgetting how to view her stories in a different lens

She can also guide her through Mandarin
Shaping her cherry lips into the sound of home
Someone to teach her to embrace her traditions
For that is where all our hearts reside.

No fear, the boss said, I have the perfect maid!
He confidently brushed aside some crimson curtains
Unvealing the 42 inch beauty behind
Meet our best babysitter, he declared, the television!

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