It noted a virgin dancing with its colorful greenery,
A prince from the roof of his palace liked this scenery,
On a horse that could fly with the speed of light,
He came to the virgin to make her bright,
He knew the two orbits are close for a limited times,
He had to write in hurry a long poem with the rimes,
With a sword in his right hand and a flower in the left,
The prince forgot all disciplines for a lovely theft,
He hanged the sword on a tall dead tree,
Pinned up the flower on a green spread tree,
While he was still loving the beautiful bride,
Rang the alarm of time warning to end the tide,
The heartless time will push the orbit out of reach,
The lesson of love the prince couldn’t properly teach,
Left the virgin alone, pregnant of lovely flowers,
While going back asked the clouds for the showers,
The rains fell on both the trees green and dry,
Helplessly he saw from the distant blue sky,
The dead tree once again alive with the thorns,
But a flying kiss for a tree with flowers and corns,
Nature converted in light rays the sound of kiss,
‘Wait for the time, I shall come again for a new bliss.
Time will bring us close once again before the dooms day
Meanwhile plow and grow, work hard to refine the clay.’

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