he told the child to be shut up and not to ask such vulgar questions,
and that when the would grow young he would himself understand it.
When the child slept he went to the old grandfather of the child
and asked the same question.
‘Shut up! ‘, ‘How you dare to ask such a vulgar question,
and that he would know it when he grows old.’
The grandfather himself did not know the answer,
but he started thinking and ultimately he understood the answer.
The seed of this vulgarity was sewn by him,
and he got this seed from the grand grandfather of the child.
Now the embryo has developed in a large tree,
the boundary walls have been damaged by it,
and may collapse at any time.
The old grandfather regretted why he sewn the seed,
and why he took loans to purchase fertilizers for the tree.
And next year another loan to pay the installment of the loan,
it is still continued.
Who can stop it the sexy fruit is so delicious!
Regretting his blunder he thought,
he could have lived just by filling his stomach
with a bread and pulses cooked by his wife.
But when he thought about the fruits of vulgarity,
its taste he knew very well,
he desired if he could climb the tree and taste the fruit
for the last time before his death!
(If you think it’s a metaphor, you may replace vulgar from sensitive, vulgarity from corruption and wife with existing resources. No need of taking name of any country, we know it very well. Now I let you know the question posted by Javed Akhtar, a facebook friend, why one pays Rs.2 to have a Bangla Deshi Taka)

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