And there she was admited and about to deliver her baby.
April 16th 2006 is still in my mind,
With pharmatical cocktails to tell my story;
But the medications put her to sleep.
Pain at her back,
Movements in her stomach,
And of a baby to walk along with, through the waters of love;
But she was admitted to deliver a baby.
Life is like a planted garden in which you eat from,
With bald heads and shaved bears;
But April 16th is still in my mind.
Oil, wheat and new wine;
There are no longer tears in my eyes;
And from one room to another and, from place to place!
For she was admitted to deliver her baby,
But she finally landed in Room Number 147.
Rooms numbers 2,4,5,22 and 147 recorded her muse;
And her mother and her sister came to visit her!
But with the daily visits of mine to boost up her ego.
The status of love and the spirit of care,
Ans she gave birth to a bouncy baby boy! !
For the Doctors and the Nurses did their best,
And it was a nice delivery.
April 16th was like the wake up call,
And with the abundance of medicaments to boost up her ego;
But she finally amde it through and was able to deliver.

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