A little cup shaped nest wedged in fork caught my eye
And a willy wagtail around me did fly.
No more than a metre above the ground
And the bird annoyed that her nest i had found
Chirped and flew above my head in a threat display
As she tried to hurry me upon my way.
From where i stood her eggs not hard to see
Palish with light brown spots i counted three
In a tiny nest formed with painstaking care
Of lichen, spiders webs and strands of hair.
One don’t see such things of beauty every day
Close to the road and not hidden away
And one might have thought she’d have found a safer place
For to insure the survival of her race? .
As i walked on she returned to her nest
For to warm her eggs to life beneath her breast
And shrike thrush’s song it cheered me on my way
On a warm though not so breezy Summer’s day.

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