Though Sean Connery is 20 years elder
And I have attained 60 I still feel 20 years!
I like romantic life though it was not possible;
But The Entrapment situation I am placed now!
Also, Never Say Never Again 007 movie
Seems to be mostly my mind and mood now!
In poetry as in novels and stories it can be
Handled pretty well it seems after coming here!
Many things youngsters are wanting to know
And that provokes me handle their matters
By indulging in their romantic pursuits in verse!
There was no time for love when I was young
As I was placed in such situation and works
Whether I was studying in college or in business
Due to my joint family constraints and obligations!
Many opportunities and amorous damsels were
At my disposal but I didn’t have that mind then!
Though that situation continued I was tightly set
To do everything vital for the survival of all partners
So much that I could not even dream of romance!
At the last vestige of my life I am in writing mode
And I am imagining or dreaming now those romance
I should have indulged and enjoyed long, long ago!
Now Lord Krishna surrounded by Gopis of Gokulum
Only comes to my mind when I think of my situation!
It is left to the romantic dames to imagine rest of
The matter about a person of 60 in the mood of 20!
Will the time turn back to the young romantic time
Once again for me and make true “history repeats” itself? !

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