The truly good people by example lead
And praise is a thing they don’t ask for or need.
The good people do their good deeds every day
And to help other people go out of their way
The good seeds of karma in their kind hearts grow
And they firmly believe that we reap what we sow.
The good are not judgemental you never hear them say
These people are not good from them keep away
They never pick on people financially down
Or they never hob nob with the snobs of the Town.
Lets hear it for good people of every clan and race
The good side of humanity they do embrace
Those who choose to be different they never do judge
And they are not known to demean or begrudge.
Some of the good die young and some live to be old
And of some their life stories they never are told
Great kindness of heart is a thing that they share
And for those less fortunate they genuinely care.

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