I had the eerie feeling of something watching me.
The lightning forced shadows to dance around the room,
as I got ready to pull the covers over my head,
my eyes searched for movement
of which I was unaware of
my heart pounded against my chest
as the storm raged without abate.
There was a tapping at the window;
I was not brave enough to look
to see if it was a branch or a face wanting me.
I slipped under the covers
going down as far as I could go,
something moved around the floor,
the creaks and thumps told me so.
I wanted to pull the covers back
and have a little peek,
but I thought better of it and tried to go to sleep.
I heard the door yawn and the hinges creak
the ghost of old McNair must be coming
for me when I fell asleep.
I heard more movements
and voices whispering low
and my heart-started pound more.
I laid silent and still hoping
that whatever it was
wouldn’t think I was in bed.
Something sat on the edge of the bed;
it was coming to get me for sure.
Then something poked around
to see if I was there.
I could feel it getting closer and closer,
I held my breath tying mot to scream,
and then it touched me and I let out a yell.
I threw back to the covers
and the room was bathed in soft warm candlelight.
The lightning outside still flashed,
a pair of smiling faces looked down at me.
I looked up at them want to know
just what was going on.
“I think the fever has broken now.
He should be a lot better in the, morning.
My advice is that you stay with him a while,
at least until he falls asleep.”
My mother nodded, and then smiled at me.
“Now you just lie down again
and try and get some sleep.
I’ll be sitting here in case you need me.”
I rested back against the pillow;
my fears were now at rest.
I closed my eyes
and sleep captured me immediately.
30 January 2008

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