The Mirage

I closed my eyes
And my mind wandered.

I entered a world
Not perceived naturally.

It was ethereal and
Beautiful beyond compare.

There was chill in the air
That was soothing.

Suddenly, I was wrapped
In a pair of beautifully
Perfect arms’ embrace.

There, I saw his beautiful face
That I have beheld before.

I remembered the warmth
Of his sweet smile.

His lovely lips spread
A smile that lit up
My lonely, cold world.

Tears flooded my eyes.
My heart overflowed with
Joy that knew no bounds.

Then all so quick, he faded away
Without even a sweet word.

Even before I could say
How much I loved him.

He was gone forever,
My beautiful mirage.

A mirage, I call him.
‘Cause he only exists in
The deepest parts of
My heart and my brain.

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