My God all around me my God I can see
The one God I know is a beautiful she.
Some people they worship their Gods in the sky
And to beg mercy of him they often do cry
In their thoughts My God to their God must defer
But my God I can see and her I prefer
To Gods that I hear of but never do see
My God she is present and lives all around me
My God is immortal she will never die
She is my one true God of that I won’t lie.
She is known as Nature the one God I know
Without her help the food we need to live cannot grow
Her rivers and streams to her great oceans flow
And she lives though her Seasons they come and they go.
Whilst our Worldly ambitions we only pursue
We never pay her the respect she is due
We remove her trees for to build a new Town
And we sacrifce her in our lust for renown.
The songs of her birds every day I do hear
And I see her often to me she lives near
The poets by her inspired to song and to rhyme
And her existence it cannot be measured in time.
Since I am a mere mortal and I must die one day
In her bosom my remains are destined to lay
I am one of her children and to her I belong
And to her I dedicate this humble song.

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