The Sky To My Life

If there was ever an evening
I’d call the most beautiful
Of all I’ve ever seen,
Today did it come.

The beautiful blue sky
Glistened like a glass goblet
With clouds as white as doves
Moving as if by command.

But without much delay
To great dismay did come
The dark clouds that overshadowed
My magnificent and awesome sky.

Bringing down sorrow
Upon me by at first
Hiding those pure clouds
And then defiling them.

I stared and wondered
At the once beautiful sky
Only to realize that the sky
Reflected my very life.

With all the prospect of bliss destroyed,
My cup of living water dashed off,
My hopeful plans thwarted,
Leaving me bereft of everything.

Tell me, My Gentle Beloved,
What am I to do?
Is this the life I have to live?
Far from your sunshine?

Gloom fills my days and
Tears see my nights through.
It doesn’t matter to you
How much ever I cry.

You don’t even know my name
Or even know I exist.
But with flames of love burning
Within my heart, I’ll live
To the end of my living days.

I can never bring myself
To forget you even if
Necessity requires it
Of me and my heart.

‘Cause I depend on you
For the happiness I crave.

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