sorting photographs of earth’s caricature
for the next session of eternal legislature.
Planning to bring a bill of destruction,
earth unfit for further construction,
may infect the space, is rising upwards,
changing color of its skin like the lizards.
should be destroyed now mercilessly,
let the cruel die now helplessly.
My party men I have seen a peasant,
he is lovely and nice and is descent,
with the plow of pen, working at the fields,
a crop of love I expect as the yields,
and I hope the yields will change the earth,
the earth will get back its lost lovely worth.
Addressed Venus, the leader of the house,
lo, Mars makes him a lonely spouse.
Venus moves to left with a few minors,
Moon welcomes the group of majors.
The rulers are no more two third in the house,
three cheers for a bold and brave spouse.
Love she purchased at the cost very high,
no tears in her eyes but I note a sigh!
As the bill could not become an act,
Mars resigned, nothing else to react,
Thanks God Venus will rule once again,
careless we may sleep, no stress no strain,
The eternal Knight passed an order of grace,
the asteroid to hit vanished in space.

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