Sending chills up through every neuron
I hear their empty rattle in my head
As rabid dogs barking at nothing
Though Shelley was full of praise
And hailed Death and Sleep as brothers
To me it is not so and will never be
Not that I am afraid to die
Nor think my absence will shake the Earth out of its orbit
But it makes my thoughts break into fragments
And I find it hard to piece them together
Even if I die, my children will live as before
My husband might seek another partner
Or might pass to a new celibate state
They will never be benighted or tempest tossed
And eventually my memory shall fade
Fade away without a trace from all hearts
As I walk through the winding road
And the closer I come to the terminal
From where there is no more treading
And as time pulls the blind on my life
When the curtain falls finally and my play ends
Alas! I don’t want to leave this stage
Nor want to lose my hold,
Of those hands I love and care.
There are gifts still to be opened
And newer avenues to be explored
Oh, I am in love with this world
To be more true, with narcissistic ardor
I am in love with myself,
Though dangerous it is to be addicted to love
So Death, carry me in my sleep, if you must
Or sweep me away by an inundating tide
Unawares into the ocean of Eternity
Like a feather blown away by the winds!

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