Not much work in South Gippsland as he was all too aware
So he headed down to Melbourne for to make a fresh start there.
That was a dozen years ago and things have changed for him since then
With a wife and two young children new responsibilities for Ben
With a new home in Ferntree Gully and a mortgage for to pay
He works hard for six days a week and for ten hours a day.
Sunday is his rest day he sleeps in till around eight
His usual waking time five thirty and for work he’s never late
And sometimes with his wife and children on sunday morning he drives down South Gippsland way
For to visit his mum and dad in Foster and with them spend the day.
In his old Hometown in South Gippsland he had his first love affair
But like the most of his school mates he went off to live elsewhere
And not much work in the rural parts that’s what Ben from Foster say
Though Foster near the ocean a good place for a holiday.
In Foster in south Gippsland his life journey began
There he spent his happy boyhood and he grew into a man
And though he now lives in Ferntree Gully from his old Hometown a three hour drive away
His nickname of Ben from Foster with him is destined to stay.

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