The numbers of the Homeless and Stateless keep increasing which gives people cause for dissent
Those who dropp their big bombs on your city are those whom you come to resent.
In the refugee camps of the World the terrorists are created there
They hate those who have rendered them Homeless since by them they have been treated very unfair
The breeding grounds of suicide bombers they know who their enemy are
And for their revenge the innocent suffer and die when they go that one step too far.
I plead with you to re-build their bombed houses and give them homes to return to
And terrorism it will quickly decrease and they will think better of you
And shower them with food and with kindness as violence breeds more violence they say
And love to trust re-builds the bridges for peace there is no other way.
With love and kindness you should combat terrorism apart from each other as people we’ve grown
Those who commit brutal acts of terror the worst sort of cruelty have known
You keep kicking a dog up the backside and he will turn on you one day
And always for the crimes of their leaders the innocent with their lives pay.

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