and seeing shock on her small face
he did not mount a full-blown chase.
Red Riding Hood ran like the wind
but soon the wolf caught up and pinned
the little berrypicker to
the mossy ground that smelled like poo.
But just when this mean beast began
to take her clothes of, a small man
came hopping from the nearest tree
it was a dwarf with a big key.
His hair was long and he had swallowed
a Boskop apple when he followed
Red Riding Hood through the dense woods,
he had admired all her goods,
and so he gave the wolf his apple
which prompted him to stop the grapple
of her red dress that had been stitched
by grandma who was quite bewitched,
but she had been pre-occupied
with Hansel’s finger when he lied,
and when the wolfe regained his sense
the seven dwarves broke through the fence,
they took the girl who was in shock
up to the meadow where a rock
concealed the entrance to their cave
the little guys were very brave.
Inside the cave they put her down
took off her clothes, put on a gown
and there she needn’t have new fears
because she slept a hundred years.
Outside the cave a frog had waited,
his breath, with time, was surely bated
a hundred years were up at dinner
thus he would surely be the winner.
He hopped up on the cozy bed
and saw her resting, looking dead.
He found a warm and tender spot
he is still there, I kid you not.

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