It seems so…repetitive,
And recycled.
Like a bad habit used to amuse…
And excused as accepted.
This gets as old as hearing 5th graders,
Threatening to run away from home!
I tried that myself.
Until I got tired of saying the same thing over again.
And arriving back just around supper time.
I was getting the hint!
With or without my presence…
Time was going to be taken to eat!
And my absence was getting a bit too familiar!
So I adapted to other tactics.
None proved to be tear worthy.
Only my own seemed to flow!
I was awakened quite early in life!
Redundancy provides a similar comfort!
Until something drastic…
Like growing up happens.
Or the realization that the same routines,
Seldon provide new observers.
And those familiar with these acts…
Have lost a desire to express empathy!
Or a wish to make eye contact.
It’s a clue they would rather not be bothered.
Thanks to God I found better usages for my time.
Or I’d be totally dependent on making excuses,
For myself and my actions.

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