As to what they are doing.
There is nothing to get them jailed,
For playing the roll of idiot overtime.
How they land in positions of decision making,
Should break all of our hearts.
Surrealistic ‘realities’ are becoming the norm!
Freaks, geeks and weirdness has become mainstream.
Children can now download porno on a phone that buzzes…
Or rings,
Or plays loud music that makes some want to scream!
And some old man sitting alone in a convalescent home,
Staring out the window…
Will declare these years we now live as the good years,
When flashbacking to these times!
Glorifying the days of corruption,
And imitating how he too dealt with crime!
And today…
This circus has some folks,
Justifying this ‘crap’ in their minds!
Playing truth or dare,
With a peace no one can find!
But every dime is being sucked up…
In search for ways to make it happen!
There is nothing that says
People have to prove they have no clue,
As to what they are doing…
When something they do,
Is screwing it up for me and you!
But there should be a limit placed
On the number of psychiatrists,
Who are hired as policemen…
To maintain a law and order,
That has clearly become a nightmare
Wherever sick judgements are made!

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