It can not be claimed!
It has your name on it.
Your voice…
Your walk.
Your manner of speech.
The way you laugh and talk.
Your smile and the absence of it…
Leaves a mental imprint,
That does not diminish one bit.
And the way that you do…
What it is you do!
It is all you.
No denying it!
It’s true.
Even with my eyes closed,
I can tell you are near…
Without a word heard from you.
We all have ‘uniquabilities’…
We often are not aware we share.
Similar and yet different.
Wherever you are,
That has been known to me!
The English language is constantly being reinvented.
And I take liberties with my participation in doing just that…
finding ways to introduce new interpretations. If AIN’T
can find its way into today’s dictionary? ‘Uniquabilities’
will find its way there as well.
What exactly does ‘uniquabilities’ mean?
It is a commonness we accept that is unique.
It is an understood ‘difference’ shared.
‘They all share a difference between them,
that makes their ‘uniquabilities’ more appreciated together.’

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